Asta Kask/Vaarsuvius/Inkyrius

letter to Playelf
Dear editor, I never thought I would write one of these letters. What I am about to tell you may seem like a fantasy, but I swear it is all true. I recently moved to the small village Ivyleaf, an Elven village in the northern parts of the Western continent. The people were nice enough, although they did make a point of telling me how superior elves were. The only exception was a nice girl-girl couple who lived in a small cottage near the vilage. And what a couple!
Suvie was the taller of the two, with long flowing purple hair and a body to tempt the gods themselves. Slim, well-toned and with small, but firm breasts. The other girl was Inky, a baker who had the firmest set of buns I've ever seen on a woman. Let me tell you, if that's how all elven women look, I understand why there are so many half-elves in the world!
One night they invited me home to their house for dinner. Apparently they had made sure that their two adopted children were staying with I's parents for the evening. There was sex in the atmosphere from the moment I entered their cottage. Inky had made a light meal, generously complemented with elven wine.
After we had finished the dinner, Inky retired to the kitchen to prepare 'a surprise', and I spent some time talking to Suvie. Turns out she was a wizard and was about to leave the village to refine her mastery of the arcane arts. She said that she had seen me around the village and that I seemed like the perfect person to keep Inky company while she was gone.
I blushed deeply and stammered a reply. When she saw my embarrasment, she leaned in closer and whispered "Perhaps, you can take care of both of us tonight." With that she leaned over and kissed me deeply. Then she began to remove…

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