Lloyd looked at the other warrior. He was everything Lloyd admired in a man - self-confident, experienced, tough… yet there was a touch of sadness around him. A feeling that things weren't the way they were supposed to be.

"So, you've been adventuring with these for how long?"

"Oh, we're just starting out. We're looking for a dragon."

The other warrior nodded. He asked a few more questions, and without really knowing how it happened Lloyd suddenly realized he had told the other warrior much more than he intended. Even about Janine…

"I mean, it's like all she wants is sex. Yeah, that's important, but I want something more than that. I want a relationship, and it feels like she'll just go off in search of the next conquest five minutes after she's had me."

"Yes," said the other warrior. "I understand. But let me tell you something - I'm in a relationship with a sylph right now. She's a great girl, but being away from her for so long… you get the itch, y'know. Like this…"

The other warrior leaned over and kissed Lloyd softly on the mouth. Lloyd tensed up at first, then relaxed. He had never dreamt that being kissed by a man could be so wonderful. A whirlpool of emotions welled up inside him and drowned all thoughts of the quests, all thoughts of Janine, all thoughts…

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