Oracle/Flesh Golem Roy

The Oracle of the Sunkun valley actually laughed when he saw Celia walking down to Greysky city with Roy's body, gazing at the events through his power of foresight. He knew full well what was going to happen, she would mistakenly take the body to the golem guy, whatever his name was, and then he would make it into a bone golem. Then they would go through all this crap to get the golem back. Rather humerous, he thought. But then another site come to him in his trance. A large flying saucer, taking the golem, and then himself, The Oracle, picking them up with some sort of spell launched from the saucer. Then the trance ended, the kobold sat on the floor wondering for the first time ever if Tiamat had played a joke on him. Less than a week later, the saucer came, the Oracle was out for a short stroll around the area, looking for a new monster for the test of body (He thought this time maybe some sort of tentacle monster, that would throw them off). He did not even notice the huge ass object right over him (Rolled a 1 on his spot check) as it used it's tractorbeam to pull him up.

The saucer then left to collect the golem from Grubwiggler(If that's how it's spelled) the alien kidnappers planned to return the golem as soon as there were done with it. When the Oracle woke up he saw the bone golem sitting next to it, and some strange creature, perhaps the one who had abducted him, standing outside a glass box, which both the Oracle and the golem were in. The Oracle quickly realized that in his vision he had not seen what had come next. But then the golem was right next to him, it grabbed him, turned him about and started to do pelvic thrusts to his behind. The only thing the Oracle said was "Okay, you've got to be en kidding me."

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