Hinjo walked into his new quarters on the island.
He proceeded to the small cot in the corner, sitting down and holding his head in his hands.
He felt alone. After days of organization and building, he had discovered that he missed having a fellow paladin like Lien or O-Chul. He needed a friend… One who had been there when the city was taken and understood what he was going through.
He pulled a small red and white sphere out of his cloak, toying with the idea… thinking… In a split second, he had made his decision. He threw the sphere onto the ground, revealing its occupant.
"Argent…" He said with a loving caress in his voice…
Argent growled affectionately as Hinjo pulled off his shirt, revealing his muscled chest.
"It's good to see you, boy." he continued as he pulled the door shut…

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