Blackwing was perched on a tree branch, watching Haley relax on the rock below. V had allowed him to travel to search for his food. It was so strange that of all the people that took notice of him…gave him a name was this rouge girl. He was entranced by her beauty. Without warning, his wings flapped as he swooped downward and landed just next to Haley. This startled her awake.

"Don't be alarmed." Blackwing said in his most gentleman of voice a raven could muster. "It's only dear Blackwing."

Haley's eyes widen with surprise.

"You…you're talking in Common!" she said as she got up. She held out a hand for Blackwing to perch on. "I thought V-"

"V and I resolved our differences." Blackwing said. His wide, white eyes blinking at Haley. "But I have you to thank, Miss Starshine. You gave me the name Blackwing."

Haley giggled. She raised her other hand and slowly, hesitantly, touched Blackwing's head with a finger. The bird did not resist. He bent his neck around her finger.

"I must say, that feels good." Blackwing said as Haley stroke his slender, curved back. The feeling was…majestic…euphoric. He closed his eyes with pleasure.

Haley suddenly brought Blackwing up to her mouth and gave him a kiss on his beak. Of course, since his beak was so small, her lips overtook it.

Most ravens would have already bitten Haley for this, but Blackwing? He didn't care. He was getting attention, attention he wanted all along.

"'Tis a pity you are not a raven." Blackwing said. If his beak could allow him, he'd smile. "I was searching for food and well-"

Haley gently made a nest for Blackwing with her hands and carried him to her tent. Her tent looked like a cabin room of a majestic pirate queen. Gold bags surrounded her cot (that she and Elan slept in), and on a little stool was a small bowl of cherries she bought from the market. She set Blackwing on the stool next to the bowl. She herself laid down on her stomach next to the stool.

"Miss Starshine..Th-This is marevlous!" Blackwing said, raising his wings. "Too beautiful for a simple raven familiar as I."

Haley took a cherry and held it up to his beak. Blackwing noticed that her new orange armor was more revealing than her old one. There was just something strange and disturbing about a woman with huge clevage showing offering him a berry in her tent.

"Well, enjoy." she said seductively. Blackwing put away his doubts as he stuck his beak into the berry and slowly chewed on the innards, the juice flowing down his beak and into his feathers. His eyes were closed pensivley.

"Thank you, Miss St-"

"Call me Haley." Haley said as she plucked a berry from the bowl and let it roll down her tounge into her mouth.

"Thank you, Haley." Blackwing said.

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