*I awake with my head and body on fire. I wince in pain as I bring my hands to my face, surprised to feel a tight bandage wrapped around my head. I can hear footsteps on the sand*

"Oh, you are awake! Thank the Gods. You were a mess when I found you."

*That voice sounded so light, so smooth. I heard the person drop what sounded like arrows as she stooped down next to me. I felt her hands on my forehead.*

Me: W-Where am I? Why do I have this on me?

"Um…yah…your eyes were pretty much destroyed. V healed as much as she could. You're in my tent in the middle of the desert of the Western Continent. What happened out there?"

Me: The last thing I remember was that worm-

"Wait! Was it huge and purple?"

Me: Maybe, why?

"Because that's what we were using to get here…oh crap."

Me: *before she speaks* It's okay. I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to unleash the worm on me.

"Ugh! It doesn't change the fact that we indirectly blinded you. See, this is what happens when we forget about the NPCs! Dammit!"

Me: Can I have some water, missus…

Haley: Call me Haley. *she gives me water, which I drink gratefully* I take it you're a warrior?

Me: Yeah. I'm a member of the Order of the Thorn.

Haley: Order of the Thorn?

Me: Yeah, just founded last week in a village in "Empire of Blood".

Haley: Then what were you doing all the way down here?

Me: I wanted to see if there were ancient ruins buried here. Being a scout, I set out on my own…then that worm came.

Haley: Wow…and we, the Order of the Stick, screwed that up.

Me: *laughs* Don't worry. What are you doing out here, Haley?

Haley: Well, it's a long story, best to take it with our party leader, Roy. Here.

*She helps me up and gives me a stick*

Me: Lead on, Haley!

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