Nale/Miko (Part 1)

(In the dark prisons of Azure City, a lone beam of sunlight penetrates the window, illuminating the soft face of a young woman, a woman who was once a Paladin)

Miko: Twelve Gods, I beseech you, hear my plea! I ask of you, what is it that you desire? I slew the king who was conspiring with the evil Order of the Stick, but it was met with hostility. Tell me! What is it that-

(Behind her, in another cell, a orc approaches)

Thog: funny girl talks a lot!

Miko: Shut it, Orc!

(Behind the orc, there is a blonde haired man and a dark-skinned woman with red eyes. The blonde man, Nale tsks and shakes his head)

Nale: Such a shame, isn't it? A Paladin thrown into jail by her own people.

Sabine: That little girl would be a wonderful addition to the party. After all, you yourself have a homocidal grudge against your own.

(Nale laughs)

Nale: Yeah, but getting her to join us would be like walking up to a PC and-

Sabine: We lost our clerics back in the hotel, and we lost Hilgya and Yik-Yik in the doungen, Nale. We're running low!

(Suddenly, she reaches out for her straps)

Sabine: Unless you want me to start-

(Surprised, Nale waves his hands at her to stop her from undressing herself)

Nale: NO! Uh-no, Sabine, t-that won't be neccesarry! I have a better idea.

(He walks toward Miko and kneels down)

Nale: Miko. Can you hear me?

Miko: Whatever leecherous lies you spit out, I will not heed them!

Nale: Uh, right. Look, you were right all along. The Order of the Stick and the king were working for Xykon. I was trying to stop them all along.

Miko: You were?

Nale: Of course, I was. Sabine and Thog were too.

Miko: But Sabine is one of the devils. How can you be good, yet ally with those who are from Hell itself?

Nale: Neccesity, Miko. Sometimes you have to do things that are unthinkable for the greater good, much like you whacking off the king.

(Miko's face shows signs that she is slowly understanding it)

Nale: We're going to escape. We're going to help you as well.

Miko: This must be what the Twelve Gods wanted.

Nale: Yeah, sure, whatever. Now be quiet, I hear a guard coming!

(Just like that, a lone guard appears. He's blooded, bruised and sweating from the battle. He had come in to check on the prisoners one last time. Nale takes his sword and waits in ambush while he passes through the gates. He slashes downward, killing him outright. Nale loots the keys and unlocks)

Nale: (To Miko who is shocked) Necessity! Now hurry!

(Miko is too stunned to move, so Nale orders Thog to carry her. They make their way up. When they finally get onto a wall, they pause to see the hobgoblins fight their way through the breech.)

Miko: By the Twelve Gods…

Nale: See what they did? Had we killed the Order ourselves, we would've prevented this.

Miko: By the Twelve Gods, I will make them pay!

Nale: There is no time. We must flee to the next gate! Sabine, can you carry three of us?

Sabine: I would, but that girl's armor looks a little heavy.

Miko: Very well. I hereby shed the armor of the wrenched king!

(She valiantly grabs her armor and pulls it over her and throws it off the wall. The others are shocked at this as she is now only wearing a small white bra and underwear)

Miko: Light enough?

Nale: Y-yes, it is. Take us away, Sabine.

(Sabine takes to the sky, carrying Nale, who carries Miko in his arms. Thog holds onto Nale's feet)

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