Nale/Miko (Part 2)

(Nale and the gang fly over to a patch of grassland far away from Azure City. They stand on a hill and see the city, very faintly, in the horizion. Suddenly, there's a brilliant explosion in the center.)

Miko: (shocked) Twelve Gods…It's over.

Sabine: What's over, the sexy light show?

Miko: The cursed Order of the Stick had caused my beloved city to fall! (begins to tear up) They will pay for their crimes!

Sabine: Yeah, yeah, weepy prostitute. I'm not the one standing around in my underwear crying in front of strangers.

Nale: You do need clothes. I can't believe you just threw your armor away.

Sabine: Fortunally for you, I've got me some black leather armor I was saving up if Nale and I ever wanted to…have fun. (winks at Nale)

Miko: That leather armor hardly covers my chest at all!

Sabine: Sure it does.

Miko: Look at it! It leaves the stomach vunlerable and open for sword entries, and the back is much worst!

Sabine: Well, it's popular enough. Why else would all the gruff fighting girls wear stuff like this?

Miko: Fine.

(Miko puts it on)

Miko: It's tight around the waist and shoulders…

Sabine: Uh, duh! It's leather! What, you were expecting armor made out of silk or something?

Miko: Where do you intend to take me, devil?

Sabine: My name is Sabine, and we're taking you to the next gate so you can protected it from the evil Order.

Miko: Of course! Then I shall have my revenge! The hated Order of the Stick shall-

Nale: blahblahblah, something about revenge, blahblahblah. Honestly, I half expect you to say a long-winded speech about how they gutted your mother and father when you were a child and left a scar on your head that was shaped like the letter "L", and the killer (Who would most likely be the halfling) was the Dark Lord and he was your true birth father and-

Miko: Enough! We must go to the gate at once! Let's move!

(she marches ahead)

Sabine: Sheesh, that girl needs to unwind.

Nale: Don't worry, sweetheart. I know just the thing.

(that night, Nale walks up to Miko by a small stream. She's in anguish. Kneeling down while digging her fingers into the dirt, she cries bitter tears which drip into the pond)

Nale: Wow, you're really upset, Miko.

Miko: I lost my home, my family, everything….and it's all their fault!

Nale: (touches her) It's okay. You're with us. Why don't you wash up.

Miko: I don't see how.ACK!

(She's surprised when she sees Nale taking his armor off. He has a red loincloth)

Miko: Wh-What are you doing?

Nale: About to take a dip. Care to join?

Miko: Sure.

(They enter the water which goes up to their waists. Nale holds on to Miko's shoulders. His eyes scan the beautiful woman)

Nale: You're really beautiful, Miko.

Miko: Thank you.

(She touches his chest and feels the rippling muscle underneath. She feels the thick, harden skin.)

Miko: A man like you can't be that bad…

(Nale smiles. He brushes her black hair behind her ears and kisses her on the forehead, cheeks, and lips. Miko does the same thing, going further by biting Nale's ear)

Nale: (playfully) Ow. Remove your armor, girl.

(Miko does so)

(The two begin to make out until they fall over into the dirt by the stream and they have a fun time, until Sabine flies in. She spots Nale handing Miko a gift, a gift Sabine herself gave him.)

Sabine: What the?

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