"O-Chul's certianly quiet over there." Haley thought to herself as she spread her cot on the grass. It was a day after they had resurrected Roy and rendevouzed with the Paladins. O-Chul was standing over a cliff looking out into the sea. He seemed unusually stotic, too stotic even for a Paladin. Against her better judgement, she got up and walked over to him.

"O-Chul?" she asked. No response. She walked a bit closer to him. O-Chul didn't seem to hear her. She reached out and lightly touched his shoulder. He flinched.

"Sorry if I surprised you." she said hurridly. O-Chul turned his head to her.

"No," he said, his voice almost broken. "You didn't. I have a wound there."

"Where he was tortured…" Haley's mouth went dry.

"O-Chul, I'm sorry for abandoning you to the monster back…back when-"

"It's all right, Haley," O-Chul faced her. "There was nothing you could've done." He looked down, closing his eyes as if he were trying to block out the bitter memories of his captivity. "Nothing I could have done."

"Hin-um…Lord Hinjo," Haley began. "He said that there were a team of elves headed for Azure City."

"Yes, I have full confidence in them." O-Chul said. "I-I'm sorry. I'm mourning for my fallen comrades."

"Oh," Haley put a hand to her mouth.

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I must retire for the night." O-Chul said plainly, then walked back to his tent. Without thinking, Haley felt her legs moving, following him toward the entrance.

"GAH!" O-Chul suddenly cried out from within. Haley bounded into the tent.

"What is it?! What's wrong?" Haley asked. O-Chul was doubled-over, clutching his side.

"It is nothing." he said gruffly.

"O-Chul, let me examine it." Haley said. "I may not be a healer, but I think I know some first aid. Here, lay down."

O-Chul got down onto his cot. Haley mentally prepared herself, thinking back through the basic first aid the Thieves Guild taught her. She unbuttoned O-Chul's shirt. He didn't seem to resist her.

Haley gasped when she pulled his shirt off.

"Oh, O-Chul." she winced when she saw the scars, how they mangled his chest and sides. "You've suffered so much." She wrapped her arms around O-Chul's torso, pressing her breasts against his chest. She kissed the scar running across his eye, the scars on his cheeks, then the scar on his left shoulder. "This will make the pain go away."

O-Chul didn't resist. This was the first intimate comfort he had with a woman in months. Being tortured endlessly…this almost more than made up for it. Gently, he pulled the woolen blanket over them. He felt Haley rest her ear against his heart, to hear its mighty beating.

O-Chul put a scarred hand on her head, running his fingers through her long, red locks. He gazed out to the stars that peaked through the small slit in the tent. His eyes grew heavy. He tried to keep them open, but within moments, O-Chul, the mighty Paladin drifted to a blissful sleep.

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