Roy/Elan (Part 1)

The night desert air stung Elan's eyes as he stood guard over the small encampment. It had been a few days since they arrived at the Western Continent and already the pale boy was getting sunburned. He looked over a few meters away and saw their leader, Roy Greenhilt, standing strong and proud in another direction. He had taken his armor off so he stood there in his blue pants. Elan watched the sand brush against the sculpted brown chest and muscles. It was hard to believe that just 36 hours ago, Roy was nothing more than a skeleton.

"Elan! I thought I told you to watch the south end of the camp." Roy said with his usually harsh tone as the boy drew nearer.

"Roy. Have I ever told you about Therkla?" Elan asked.

"No." Roy took a swig of his canteen. "I don't really care to hear."

"Well," Elan ignored him. "I tried everything I could to save her, but I…I didn't."

Roy snorted. It was so typical of Elan to prove how worthless he was in situations. His mind drew back to that event in the hotel where it was ROY who had to change into a woman to get them both away from assassins who thought he was the king.

"Because I wasn't you."

Roy turned to him, very confused.

"I wasn't as strong as you are, Roy. I mean, you're like what, a few levels higher than I am? A trained swordsman? While me," Elan chuckled. "Just a year ago I was a bard singing to you in a doungen. I-I look up to you. You're my idol, my hero. You're the best buddy I could ever have."

Roy wasn't sure if it was the desert heat that was affecting him or Elan's moving speech, but all he knew was that Elan was now stroking his arms with his long, thin fingers.

"But most of all…" Elan said. "I…I love you."

Suddenly, Elan kissed Roy on the lips. Roy was too shocked to do anything but pass out right then and there.


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