Roy/Elan (Part 2)

Elan woke up in his tent the next morning to a familiar and heart-warming sight: Haley in her gown snuggled up under his arm, using his chest as a pillow.

Normally, he'd be elated, but something was bothering him. Something about what he did last night.

"Why did I kiss Roy?" he thought. "I know he and I are best buddies and I admire him but…" he looked back at Haley. For a split instance, he realized with horror that if she found out he had kissesd the party leader, she would leave him.

"Maybe I should talk to V. He'd know about this." Elan concluded. He gently, oh so gently, pushed Haley off of him, tucked her into the blankets, got dressed, then walked out.

V was near the campfire floating. This was the first time he's seen her trancing in months. He hesitated to interrupt her.

"Uh…Vaarsuvius?" Elan said meekly. "Can I talk to you?"

No response.

"It's about Roy."

V's head tilted a bit, showing that she heard him.

"What did you and Roy do that merits interrupting the first trance I've had in months?" V growled. Elan's heart lurched. He had made a terrible mistake by interrupting her. The wizard elf spun around sharply, her peircing eyes bore into his soul.

"Well?" she asked.

"Last night, I was doing guard duty along with Roy." Elan said slowly. "But then I…I…"

"Out with it." V said.

"I saw something in Roy that I've never seen before. It was…some admiration and..well…it was just unusual. Was it like that when Belkar-"

"When the halfling did…the 'event' on New Years back in Azure City," V explained cautiously, keeping a wary eye on Belkar. "His already befuddled brains had been…befuddled even more. Perhaps you had too much to drink?"

"No," Elan scratched his head. "I was drinking water, not beer. Maybe Belkar used a scroll?"

"Belkar has the mentil acuity of a lettuce!" V snapped. "He would need a high Wisdom score to even contemplate casting it."

V calmed down.

"Perhaps your feelings for Sir Greenhilt has grown for the past few months you were parted?" V suggested. "He is truely admirable."

"Yeah, but I…" Elan struggled to say the damning words. "I…"

"You what? Out with it, Elan!" V waved her hands impatiently.


V was stunned, trying to process what Elan just told him. He did what? All V heard was a gibberish: "I killed Roy and said I rolled him." It didn't take her long to subsitute the correct words. She put her hands on her head as she was hit by a wave of stupidity.

"Oh, for the love of the ancient Elven gods!" she muttered. "You kissed him? What malady are you sufferng from to cause you to do this?"

Elan shook his head.

"Don't try to explain it." V sighed.

"But what if it's possible?" Elan said. "I mean, you and your mate are-"

"MY MATE AND I ARE NOT SPEAKING TO EACH OTHER!" V suddenly screamed at the boy's face with a seething anger the boy had never seen before. His lower lip quivered a bit.

"My apologies, Elan." V pounded her head in frustration. "It is not you I'm angry with. But I would recommend talking this out with Sir Greenhilt. I've got too many problems of my own to deal with. Go now."

V then turned around and began to rise again, getting back into her trance. Elan knew she was right. He had to go talk to Roy.

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