Roy/Elan (Part 3)

As Elan walked slowly to Roy's tent, he was unsure of what to say. He opened the flaps of the entrance and stepped in. He was in for a shock: Roy wasn't in his tent, and even more strange was a note tacked to the post. Elan took it.

"Meet me outside the encampment, please. ~Roy" Elan read. His knees were wobbly. What was Roy going to do? Fire him? Berate him? He sighed and pocketed the note.

Roy was standing just a few feet away, facing away from the camp. His sword was jammed into the sand beside him.

Elan cleared his throat.

"R-Roy?" He asked.

"Yes?" Roy replied. He didn't sound too angry.

"About what happened last night, I'm…"

"Elan, listen." Roy interuppted." Then he turned around and walked up to Elan.

"My time being dead had me thinking: You've really grown up." Roy put a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"How could you see us if you were dead?" Elan asked.

"Scrying. Don't ask me how." Roy took a few steps away. "Want to do some swordplay?" He took out his sword. "I'll go easy on you."

Elan took out his raiper and did a pose.

"Now attack."

Elan didn't budge.

"Elan, you think I'm gonna let you kill me? Besides, it's not like we don't have a healer in case we do mortally wound ourselves."

Elan took that as encouragement and brought down a vertical strike. Roy quickly blocked it.

"Good, very good." Roy nodded, a cunning smile creeping on his face. "But you may not want to pause for too long or else-"

Roy suddenly pushed his sword off of Elan's and brought it just close to Elan's waist. Elan stepped back.

"Is this punishment?" Elan asked.

"Training, Elan. Training. I wouldn't mind having a pupil, Brother Elan."

Elan's heart jumped. Did Roy just call him what he…Brother Elan?!

"B-Brother?" Elan gasped.

"That's what we called ourselves in Fighter Academy." Roy explained.

"Should I call you Master, then?"

"Brother Roy." Roy said. "Let's do it, then."

Elan and Roy then began to swing their swords at each other, getting quicker and quicker. Their breathing quickened and sweat poured down their face. Their swords rang loudly throughout the encampment and the glistening sun reflected from the blades, blinding the two warriors every so often. Around this time, Elan would be shouting puns, but today, this one special day, when he finally had Roy on his side sparring, he refused to adhere to his "punny"-side.

In his head, there was one song that was near and dear to his heart, a song he sung during the Azure City battle after Roy's death.

O' Buddy Roy…

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