(In Xykon's tower in the ruined Azure City, in a small purple chamber, MITD, dead Roy, and Redcloak are gathered. Redcloak begins to reanimate Roy)

MitD: (Sees the undead Roy rising) Yay! New toy!

Redcloak: Yeah, sure, whatever. Try not to break this one like you did the Power Rangers.

MitD: I won't. I promise.

(Redcloak rolls his eyes and leaves)

MitD: Ooooh, we're gonna have so much FUN! What do you wanna do first? Play cops and robbers and you're the robber? Play with my Transformer toys?

Roy: (is silent, blinking as he tries to understand what's going on)

MitD: Awwww. :( You're so sad. You look lonley. I wonder where your friends are?

Roy: (tersly) Get away from me, freak. I can only hope that my friends have fled the city.

MitD: (snuggles closely) Now, be nice. I promise I won't hurt you.

Roy: (thinking) This must be one of Xykon's torture games.

MitD: (purring)

Roy: Dear Gods, help!

MitD: We're gonna have soooooo much fun!!

Roy: AAAHHH!!!

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