The lone dwarfmaiden wandered the dry, dark, barren hills, looking for any kind of companion to aid her in her journey back to the Dwarven Homelands. She looked left and right endlessly until her neck hurt worse than a life-draining poisoned injury. She spyed something orange in an upcoming forest and dove into a bush, peeking through a small opening to see who indeed this was. The dull-skinned kobold was hacking away at a maple tree with a rapier, moaning for syrup. The rustles of the bush startled Yokyok, and he turned and saw Hilgya's blonde hair sticking through some sticks. He walked over.
"What do we have here? A dwarf-girl?" Yokyok smiled, revealing sharp fangs that glistened in the moonlight. Hilgya stood up and shuffled out of the bushes.
"Umm…I'm Hilgya…dwarf…and you are…?"
"Yokyok, kobold rapier extroidenaire. I'm here, seeking refuge from some insane halfling who killed my father."
"…Was your father, by chance…a kobold named Yikyik? I was friends with him."
"Yes…and I see why he was friends with you, you're…quite dashing."
"Oh, tee hee. You're not too bad yourself…good job with the tree or whatever. Nice teeth too…"
"Oh, you think? Hehe…some sorcerer named Xykon…his mage-ess raised me from the dead and made me a vampire." Hilgya's smile turned to a half-frown. Yokyok leaned in and pursed his lips.
"I don't know why, Hilgya, but…your blood smells good for a dwarf."

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