Julio Scoundrel/Entire Hobgolbin Army

A dull cape waved in the wind as Julio Scoundrel, the sexiest man alive, strode through the dead streets of Azure City. Hobgoblin corpses littered the roads behind him. Julio turned and swiftly chopped a Hobgoblin's ear off and executed him in one quick movement. At once, almost 300 hobbos appeared from behind burned buildings and piles of rubble. Julio drew his rapier and smiled.

"Yes, this is what I need! I shall be level 20 by the end of today!"

He slew five hobgoblins quickly, kicking three more into the dust while punching another orange menace unconcious. Julio was about to shishkabob another of the minions as a large broadsword came down and sundered his thin sword. Julio stepped back and looked up from his broken sword. There stood a large ghast, wielding the broadsword as if it was light as a feather. The entire army surrounded Julio, the ghast being pushed back into the crowds. Julio threw his wallet and all his gold onto the ground, along with hundreds of signed papers.

"Here, here, take my money, take my picture, but DON'T KILL MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!"

"That's not what we're here for tiger. You can penetrate my armor anyday…" A female hobbo spoke up. Julio smiled. Wuld this be as bad as it was made out to be?

Julio was so lost in thought he didn't hear a hobgoblin Cleric shouting "POLYMORPH! HOBGOBLIN!!"

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