"'Tis the season to kill random innocent people, fala la la la, lala la laa." A black-clad human with shoulder-length blonde hair and a 2-inch goatee stood on a small stool, hanging bloody tinsel around his log cabin.
"Finally, done. Sabine, baby, come look!" Nale called through the shack. His succubus mistress stumbled through the hall, finally tripping over a stair and crashing into Nale. Both smiled and laughed for a good five minutes. Sabine stood up and brushed her skirt off.
"Well, it's beautiful baby, but I gotta head out. Business." She winked and flew away into a portal. Nale sighed and sat down on the stool.
Why is she always out? Does she not have time for me any more? Is there another one? Is she hanging out with the bard and his crew? Thoughts ran through Nale's mind, all of which he knew were false. Sabine was just…being Sabine. Thog had gone missing shortly before they reached the cabin, so Nale was alone for the most part. Suddenly, a huge blizzard whipped up outside and began layering down piles of snow everywhere. Nale got up and began to shut the door when soemthing caught his eye. Was that…a green splash of color amongst the winter wonderland? Nale threw on a scarf and gloves and slowly made his way to the green form. Expecting to find a goblin or some other hostile race, he pulled his knife. Nale jumped and slashed down.
"Sneak Attack." Nale muttered and gasped as a large lock of lime green human hair fell into his hand.
"It's…human…might as well help it since I have nothing better to do." Nale quickly grabbed the unconcious form and dragged it back to the cabin.

As soon as he got there, he shut the door and threw five blankets and a cup of hot chocolate over the person.
"Oh, it's an elf. What fun." Nale sat down and lit a fire while waiting for the elf to fully regain conciousness.
"Huh, what…where am I? Who are you?" The elf inquired and blushed a bit as she saw the handsome human face.
"I am Nale, a mere civilian hiding out in this cabin during the hard winters and I saw you in the cold and deicded to rescue you. And your name?"
"Inkyrius, but most call me Kyrie for short." Inkyrius mopped her wet face with a blanket and sat next to Nale's fireplace. Nale raised an eyebrow and walked around in a circle. "Interesting name, Kyrie." Nale sat down again and they struck up a conversation, unaware the snow was steadily rising outside.

Two hours later, Kyrie stood up from her seat at the fireplace.
"I must really leave. It's been nice talking to you and all, but…" Kyrie looked outside. Seven feet of snow were stacked outside. Kyrie jumped a bit. "Oh my." She blushed at the thought of staying with Nale much longer. Nale grinned and pulled a chair closer to his.
"Please, do stay." Kyrie sat down next to him and they talked a bit longer, then passionately kissed for what semed like hours. By the time they were done, the snow had passed.

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