Redcloak/Lien/Xykon (Part 1)

"Ok, Hinjo, this is gonna be a tough fight. But we can do this." Lien and Hinjo walked towards a tall green tower with some soldiers, spears, bows, and swords in hand. Seven hobgoblins with bows and quivers of arrows began firing at them from a small balcony. A few more hobbos began charging at ground level with broadswords in tight grips.
"Ok, Lien, you go with some archers and take those hobgoblins up there down. I'll take the ones down here." Hinjo clenched his teeth and launched himself forward, followed by two soldiers.
"Argent, let's move!" The head paladin released his celestial dog and grabbed a spear, hurling it through two hobgoblins and spearing another's sword hand. The soldiers and Hinjo quickly dispatched of the hobgoblins, finishing at Lien notched the final arrow and let it fly into the final hobbo's head.
"Done there. Let's enter." Lien led Hinjo and the Azurites into the tower. Two feet in, at least eighty arrows and spears came down around the group, killing all soldiers and injuring Hinjo. Lien panicked, her advisor injured and her teammates killed. She looked up and saw hundreds of hobgoblin warriors charging down ladders and stairs, swords and spears at the ready. Lien grabbed Hinjo and began dragging him out.
"Lay Hands, whatever. Hurry, Hinjo, we haven't much time to escape!" Lien pulled him upright and both began running, hundreds of the evil orange warriors on their tails.

High up in that very same tower, the evil lich sorcerer Xykon had been watching the Azurite group with his advisors, Redcloak, Tsukiko, and Jirix.
"Odd, how they got away. But let them live for now, I'll get the paladins myself." The lich snapped his thin skeletal jaws up and down, spit hissing out of them with every word. Tsukiko and Jirix followed him as he walked out of the room. Redcloak watched the two out of his golden telescope, admiring Lien.
For a paladin…that's one cute paladin…ugh, why do I suddenly feel an attraction to that paladin-thing? He thought.
"Hey, cloak-for-brains, hurry up, we've got a big meeting with the other head clerics and hoohahs to discuss some tactics or something." Redcloak flinched as a rock thrown by Jirix hit him in the back of his head, knocking the telescope out of his hand and onto the ground, 4 miles below. Redcloak turned and walked over, passing Jirix, a stoic look on his face. The hobgoblin caught up with him, panting and out of breath.
"Hey, Reddy, why so serious all of a sudden? Hey-OWW!" Jirix fell back as Recloak delivered a powerful punch to his abdomen, cracking his platemetal.
"That's for the telescope." Redcloak grumbled.

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