The sexy sorceress strode the streets of stone, looking left and right for something to do. Tsukiko watching as a slave was brutally murdered by a hobgoblin with a professional-looking cloak behind a store window. She walked over and struck up a conversation.
"So…why'd you kill the slave, Hobbo?" Jirix, one of the highest-honored hobgoblin in the ranks looked up and drew a sword.
"Who? Huh? Wha? Oh, it's you, Tsukiko."
"Oh, hullo Jirix. Nice to see you here." Tsukiko rolled her eyes and tore the sack off the slave.
"Hey, what are you-"
"Silence, you cutie hobgoblin." Tsukiko put the sack over his head and dragged Jirix away, picking up his sword in the process.

"Ok, wake up, cutie." Jirix awoke in a tower to gruel in his face. Tsukiko was there, smiling at him in a nightie.
"What time is it?"
"Like, 6 am. Now…this sword is very sharp. Die." The sorceress quickly drove the sword through Jirix's chest, instantly murdering him. Tsukiko smiled and moved her hand towards his head, a black glow emanating from her fingertips.

"Create Undead."

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