Thog/Julio Scoundrel

The orc wandered the broken roads of Azure City, looking for Nale or Sabine.
"naaale? naaale? saaabiiinee? thog sad." the lone member of The Linear Guild plopped down on a rock, mumbling to himself.

"Hmm, I wonder where I could be? Blue there, green here, black there, fire there…smoke there…" Julio Scoundrel, the sexist man alive, looked around for any sign of life aside from hobgoblins or zombies. Julio spotted a pale green form in the distance, and began jogging towards him.

"thog see happy man! thog happy about happy man happy!" Thog hopped up and ran towards Julio.
"happy man pretty! happy joy thog force hug!" Julio tried to run, but nothing on Earth save 'Hold Person' or the like could stop Thog's hugs.

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