Redcloak/Lien/Xykon (Part 2)

Jirix and Redcloak strode down the olive green halls of Xykon's tower, Redcloak stoic and Jirix cheery.
"That was an uneventful meeting, no?" Redcloak asked, still thinking of the paladin from before. Jirix raised an eyebrow.
"Uneventful? Are you kidding? Quite the contrary! Weren't you listening? We discussed a whole new kind of training for the hobgoblins, and the smiths agreed to making some new weapons! We might have hobgoblins with maces, and giant triangle shields, and then a kind with riot shields, and batons, and-"
"Inflict Moderate Wounds. Now shut UP!" Redcloak delivered the spell, watched as Jirix tripped, and stomped away. "Just leave me alone. I'm going to my quarters."
"Hey, that wasn't very nice, you know, Redcloak, insulting and injuring a fellow cleric! I'm reporting you to the head cleric around here, whoever he is!"
"Jirix, the head cleric is currently walking away from you. I'd heal yourself if I were you now, those bruises are huge." Redcloak hissed, a menacing tone in his voice. Jirix scrambled to his feet and turned towards Redcloak.
"Well, then I'm telling Tsukiko, or Xykon! Or…umm…someone else who can put a hurting on you!" The hobgoblin cleric shot off down the hallways and began casting healing spells upon himself. Pouting, Redcloak returned to his quarters and began daydreaming about that paladin he couldn't get out of his head.

Meanwhile, all the way up in Xykon's room, Tsukiko and the lich were discussing what to do to those pesky paladins.
"I think we should get them brought to us dead or alive, and kill them if not. Then, I re-animate them and have them as my personal zombie advisors! Hehe…" Tsukiko rambled on into her undead daydream, oblivious to Xykon getting up and looking out the window at the broken city.
"Whatever. But, let's try to keep the female one alive for a big longer. You never know, she might prove useful." And with that, Xykon lef tthe room, leaving Tsukiko to babble mindlessly to herself.

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