"Agh, if only those diminuitive fools had not left me on this deserted island, I could have aided them well in the capture and death of that accursed lich sorcerer, considering I have destroyed the phylactery." The red-robed elf fingered their long purple hair, looking around for any kind of life on the island save the towering palm trees, small rainforests, and the occasional gull used for a quick lunch. Vaarsuvius's eyes flitted around, and suddenly focused on a large bush as she heard a large ruckus emit from it.
"Gust of Wind." The leaves and twigs flew away and the buush was uprooted from the sudden gust. A green-skinned being emerged from the ground and dissapeared as soon as V had seen it.
"Fireball. That should do the job." V watched as the small forest burned before its eyes. Suddenly a hand was drawn over V's mouth and it blacked out.

Therkla yawned and looked up at the stars.

"Ahh, NOW I know what gender the elf is."

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