Closak/Black Dragons

"Thank the gods, finally rescued at last!" shouted Closak, shivering "She kept doing it over and over, it never stopped!"

But just then a voice shouted: "ACELERATED PREGNANCY!"
"Acelerated what-now?!" Said a paniced Closak

Screams of anguish came from withen thae cave as an army of black dragons were spawned! (You shouldn't have gave me that idea Closak!) AS they slithered from the cave, Closak could plainly see a horible truth. THEY WERE ALL FEMALE!!!

Again, the voice cried out a spell: "INSTANT MATURITY!"
And then another, "INCREASE HORMONES!"

"OH SH-AAAAHHHH!!!!" Closak screamed as he was pounced opon by the dragons and dragged back within the cave.

"And now the final touch…SEAL ENTRANCE!" the voice shouted as the cave sealed.

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