Gender-swapped OOTS (Part 2)

(ClericofBelkar's continuation of esmerelder's gender-swapped oots story)

"XYHON!!!!!" Screeched Pinkcloak "WHY IN THE NINE HELLS DID YOU DO THIS!!!" "Don't look at me!" Said Xyhonette "I had nothing to do with this!" "Wait…a…minute…" Said Pinkcloak "No, that can't be it"
"Well I just realized we might just possi-"
"OK! OK! We might be in another Crack Pairing?
"Oh. In that case I should be waking up in about 5 seconds! !"
"I would'nt count on it."
"You mean that..this is…real."

Pinkcloack nodded sadly


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