Gender-swapped OOTS (Part 4)

"AGGHHHH!" Screemed Random Hobgoblinette No. 2 "This stinks!"
"Your telling me! Random Hobgoblin No. 1 is so lucky right now!" Said Jirixette "I would rather be dead right now then then be like this!"
"Agreed" Said Random Hobgoblinette No. 3 "This is so Uncomfortable"

They were on the walls of Azure City doing Guard Duty.

"Wish granted" Said a voice and Random Hobgoblinette No. 3 was suddenly struck by lightning!
"What the?! True Seeing!" Shouted Jirixette

The spell revealed an Adventuring Party, an elf with a smoking finger being one of them, who must have been the ones to kill RHE No. 3.

"RUN AWAY!!!" Screamed Jirixette "ADVENTURERS! Dancing Lights!"

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