Gender-swapped OOTS (Part 6)

"Well that was fun." Said Vaarsuvius
"Yeah," Said Bella Bitterleaf(Belkar) "good thing I to-err borowed Harry's bow"
"Well what are we going to do now?" Said Ratchel(Roy)

They were just outside the old Azure City wall. Hobgoblin(ette) corpses were on the ground, or hanging limply on the wall.

"I don't know." Said Ratchel "Lets just go back to the inn. Harry(Haley) and Elane(?,Elan) must have figured out whats going on by now."

Meanwhile, the fiends has had a very bad few days.

"THIS STINKS!!!!!!!" Shouted fiend
"Yea," said fiend "but-STOP SHOUTING ALREADY!!!"

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