Well, ABD thought that must be the 9th-10th? time that the human's bones can't withstand it?
The ABD had been flying above Azure City all day with…urges, that were to powerful to ignore (she strongly suspected that someone had cast a spell on her). Swooping down and acidently crushing humans in her embrace…The urges were becoming almost agonising now!
"Uh oh" said Roy "I think a tavern brawl is going to start soon…"

Roy were in a tavern for Epic level adventerers…

"I agree" Said Vaarsuvius as se casted buffs (via scroll) on Roy "Epic Bear's Endurence! Epic Cheeta's Stamina! Epic Lion's Strength! Dragon Size!"

"OH NO!" ABD groaned "If I can't sate these urges soon-I don't even want to think about it!"
Thats when she heard the elf using the scrolls…
"Perfect!" She shouted sensiously, with lust plain in her eyes, she swooped opon the fighter…

"AGGHHHHH" Roy screamed as the ABD cast a mind control spell on him, that could last for years on end! Then he crawled up to her. Anyone who passed by would see nearby trees in bushes shaking with an unknown force! From the Dragon's Lair coud be heard sensious purrs, and armor and clothes were scattered in all directions! Every so often the ABD would shout a command (Usally "MORE! MORE! THE URGES ARE NOT SATED!!!"),

Never had V. been thankful that she was so close to a Tavern in her life.

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