It was only once, and it haunted her for a long time.
She had been sitting in her room, all alone, like she had been for years. Since her father had disappeared. She'd ended things with Crystal, and was glad she had, but she had no one to talk too. She was isolated, she felt cut of from the world.

And then he'd come, and he had been caring, and thoughtful, and seemed to actually listen to her. To care about her. He hadn't been handsome, or charming, and was far from what she'd imagined, but he'd been someone to talk to when she needed it, so she had told herself she didn't care about either. And she'd opened up to him.

She trusted him, and he'd gone as slow as she asked, but she wanted someone to relate to, so she'd sped things up. It had cost her. But perhaps it was for the best.

She cried a little after, and he gave her a few empty words, and she'd listened. And then she woke up, and he had gone, and half a week later she'd seen him talking to Crystal in the way he'd used to talk to her, and she'd knew.

It had hurt more then she expected, and she'd cried a while, and then she was gone. But when she saw him again, it had hurt. More then even the icy touch of steel.

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