Jenny lay on her side, breathing heavily. The sheets were ruffled around her, but she was making no effort to cover herself. She was stroking Belkar's chest idly with her right hand, but he seemed unaffected, staring at the ceiling with a wide smile, like a Cheshire cat that's got the canary.
"That was amazing." She breathed.
Belkar gave a certain half shrug. "Well, it passes the time, anyway."
Jenny stared up at him, but he seemed to be thinking. At last he turned to face her, and his smile widened slightly. "Now do you want to know what would be really good?"
"What?" she asked, snuggling slightly closer.
Belkar leaned down, his rough finger tracing a line on her silken cheek, almost tenderly. She let out a slight moan, and pushed towards him as he did so.
"Get Belky something sharp." He breathed huskily.

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