"Listen, tall, green and stupid, you seem to be under a misaprehension here. You seem to think I'm here to negotiate with you. Let me set it like it is: You do what I say, and chances are I don't kill you. Unless I get bored, or you look funny or something. Understand?" Xykon drawled, leaning back on his chair and picking his teeth with one bony finger.
Across the table, Hank and Bozzok stared at each other aprehensively. "Well, see, about that…"
Xykon waved a hand airily. "Listen, I got better things to do then listen to you whinge. I get bored enough without having you add to it. So unless your saying 'Yes sir', then get lost before I start painting targets on your back." Xykon continued, his empty eye holls somehow endevouring to narrow evily. A stream of dark power glowed around his fist.
The two thieves hurried out of the room. The lich leaned back on his chair, unable to feel the effects of relaxing, but enjoying the appearence immensely. He needed ships to get to the other continent, and this was the place to get them. And it was full to bursting with victims.
Now who to torture next.

"So you want me to kill him? Because I can probably do that." Bozzok nodded, wincing as Crystals shrill voice cut through the air like a siren. This was not a conversation he wanted to be overheard.
"Yes. The lich is just the muscle, he'll wander off without the goblin to guide him. Get rid of him and we're set.
Crystal nodded, sucking her lip in a thoughtful manner. "OK" she said at last. "What should I do?"
Bozzok stared at her incredulously. "Try stabbing him."
"Yeah, but isn't he like a goblin?"
"Yeah, so?"
"So don't they have like… some special weakness or something?"
Bozzok opened his mouth, then gave it up as a lost cause. Instead he turned on his heel and walked out the door.
On the way to his room, he bumped into a slight girl. Looking down, he beheld a vision of lovliness. The girl was slim and pale, with a tight form and athletic build, with soft dark hair like spun silk, and deep eyes you could loose yourself in. She had tight, suptle curves and a heartshaped face.
Tsukiko, on the other hand, was imagining what he would look like begining to rot. To her supprise, she found it was not to bad a mental picture. If she wasn't taken…
"Ah, Bozz, are we doing this or not?"
"Right. Of course." He said, walking towards the upper levels. Work first.

Tsukiko was getting changed when the two of them burst in, weapons bared. Fortunately the sight of her semi-clad form was enough of a distraction for her to regain the inniative.
Scowling she unleashed a barrage of necromancy on the biggest of the two, sending him to his knees.
The girl charged towards her, but she did not relent, keeping up her bombardment until she dropped him with a finger of death.
The girl skidded to a halt.
"What do you want?" Tsukiko growled, then stopped. "Hey, are they the new 'Miss assasains' Silent boots?" She said, gazing at the girls feet, or more specificly her big, heavy buckled leather shoes.
"Yeah." The girl replied. "I got them just last week." She was begining to open up already. But then, Crystal had always had trobles with staying consistant, and a short attention span.
"Awesome." Tsukiko replied, making no move to cover her bare torso. "I got to get some."
"Well, I know a guy who could get you some for cheap?"
"Really? You'd do that?" A smile crept onto the Mystic Theuge's face. "Thanks."
"Hey no problem. Always nice to help out someone with good taste in footwear."
"No, that's really sweet." Tsuiko said lowering her arms as the assasain came closer. "I owe you one."
Crystal smiled wolfishly,an expression that the Mystic Theuge found extremely attractive. "I might call you up on that." Crystal said with a sultry smile.
Before they knew it, they were making out, and Tsukiko was helping Crystal with her top. Suddenly a terrible thought crossed the assasains mind. "Wait, what about Bozz?"
Tsukiko's smile widened. Dark power began to coluese around her hand. "Well, the more the merrier." She said happily.
"Create greater undead."

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