"If you try to get on board this ship, I will gut you like a fish." She said steadily, holding the spear loosely in her hands, constantly adjusting her grip and weaving it's point in a figure-of-eight.

The orange-skinned bastards were holding back wearily, trying to gauge her skill, but she could see them finding their courage. It wouldn't be long now before they charged. Well so be it. Let them come.

With guttural roars that blended together to form a single sharp sound that grated on her nerves, they sprinted forward, waving their heavy broadswords above their head, notched and rusted, and covered in a thin patina of filth.

Taking a moment to sneer at them for holding their shields at their sides where they wouldn't do any good, and their swords above their heads where they were even less use she pushed firmly of her back foot and brought the spear through the first ones larynx, then with a twist drove it through the back of his neck and into the one behind him.

She felt their hot breath on her hands and face, and watched the light leave their eyes as they slumped, their life blood spurting through the gash she'd made and running down the haft and over her hands. Perhaps she'd even be sympathetic if she hadn't watched some of the more aggressive ones killing defenseless prisoners a while away. She'd waned to do something, anything, but there were a few hundred hobgoblins between them, and she was skilled, but not that skilled.

As they fell, one of them dropped of the boardwalk, tangling her spear. She clutched it desperately, but the two bodies weighed far to much and their blood made her hands slippery.

The one behind them cocked his head cockily and strutted forward, making no attempt to defend himself. She supposed he didn't see there as much point. Desperately she raised her hands, not sure exactly what she was planning to do, when a rich deep voice smote the air like thunder.

"Thar's Lightnin'!" It roared, and there was a bright flash of light that left spots dancing before her eyes as she desperately blinked, trying to clear them.

She made out a shinning blur before her, then shook her head, realizing who it was, and feeling her heart flutter.

She staggered clumsily, and realized offhandedly that a bit of the lightning had burned her thigh. She knew it hurt, but in the same way she knew that the Underdark was there. You'd be mad to try and deny it, but it didn't affect her very much.

"Joost relax, lass. Ah'll heal ye." He said kindly, his rough hands oddly gentle, and she felt a feeling of bliss as the positive energy flowed into her.

Se wanted to embrace him, and kiss him, and tell him how worried she'd been, but she didn't. He was private and reserved, and there was no time. so instead she smiled warmly and followed him onto the ship.

"Are ye alright, lass?" He asked once they had retrieved her spear and were safely on board.

She smiled warmly. "I am now."

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