The snow-white sheets were tangled around Lien's log legs, crumpled in a heap from the urgency of their movements that had only come to a stop moments ago. Her chest was still heaving as she panted, staring at the ceiling, a blissful, contented feeling bubbling in her stomach and spreading throughout her body. She felt complete.

He was wrapped around her, his brawny arms resting gently against the sharply defined muscles of her back, his beard tickling her shoulder. Like her, he was on his back, staring at the ceiling.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked softly as the afterglow faded, turning to stare at him, her sea green eyes thoughtful.

"Kuboto." He said quickly, without thinking.

A shocked look crossed her features briefly before being replaced with a wicked smile, and a teasing quality entered her voice. "Of all the things you could have said…" she mocked, making Durkon’s cheeks redden above his whiskers.

"Ye ken Ae dinnae mean it tha’ way,” He said anxiously. “It's joost…"

"I know." She said, idly stroking a pattern on his cheek, just above his beard. To her considerable surprise, the beard had grown on her, and she liked. Besides, it gave him a distinguished, wise look. And it was so blessedly soft, she felt she could spend all day just running her hands through it.

"I dinnae like 'im. He's ae bad 'un. Ae snake if there ever was one. E'll betray us at some point." He continued, trying to keep up his tangent, while at the same time responding to Lien. It was always hard, she was such a good distraction.

"I wouldn't worry about him." She said, with a little noise almost like a laugh, before sucking on his earlobe. His rough hands ran over her face to tangle themselves in her hair.

"Why nay?" He said, his voice already husky. Thor, she was insatiable.
"He's a little man. Oh, he blusters and schemes, but in the end, he doesn't amount to anything."

"E's little? An' what am Ae?" He asked, raising a bushy brow.

She smiled again, in a way that seemed to light up the room. "Oh, your a giant where it counts."

He cocked his head questioningly, glancing down beneath the sheets, but she continued before he could say what he was thinking.

"Here." She said, placing a calloused hand on his hairy, well developed chest. "You have a good heart. The biggest, most generous one of anyone I've ever met. You always put yourself last, and do what is right. You never back down, or give up. You're never weak." She said, her tone completely serious. "Your wise, and kind, and a good man.

To his surprise, he felt a strong emotion welling in his chest, for this amazing, beautiful, no, this perfect women he had been lucky enough to meet. Gathering her in his arms and drawing her close, he kissed her, long and tenderly, and as gentle as he could. When he finally drew away, he kept their foreheads pressed.

"Ye ken Ae love ye?"

She nestled closer. "Yes. I know."

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