The sort of masculine looking feminine elf eyed the enormous figure before him. "But I can't pay you!" it wailed. "My Mate has take our earnings to help master the way of magic.
Bozzok shook his head. "Then I will have to take it some other way. I am not running a charity."
Inkyrius eyed the adopted progeny seated nervously on the half-orcs powerful thigh. Rubbing their hair with a strong, calloused hand, the Half-orc leered at him. "Nothing personal." He gloated, reaching for the immense bastard sword hanging on his hip.
"Please don't. Please."
"I'm not much for mercy."
"I'll do anything."
With exaggerated care, the half-orc put the children aside. "That's what I was waiting for.
Suddenly leaping to his feet he shoved the elf against the wall, The hair on his weather-beaten chin pricking Inkyrius like wires. "I'll take anything then." Said Bozzok nibbling the elf's ear. Inkyrius shuddered, but the half-orc ignored him, running his sandpaper hands down the smooth muscles on Inkyrius's belly. "Try to relax…"

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