Julia Greenhilt/Xykon

"Now all I have to do is wait." Julia thought, clutching the handle of the wand Mr Majere had ‘Misplaced’ tightly as she crouched in the alcove behind the door. It had been hard getting in, and would be harder getting out, but that wasn’t a problem. What she was waiting for was.

The Lich Xykon. That was what she was here for.

The actual grievances that had led to the original oath was more or less irrelevant to her. She just wanted to be rid of him. So she waited and waited, and the lich did not show up. Finally, a shadow appeared across the floor and at once she gripped the wand tighter.

The youth got ready, excited that she was finally going to get his chance at revenge. She forced her hold on the wand to loosen, however, when the figure that came through the rearranged itself into a goblin, dressed in black with a gold medallion on its chest. It was not the lich, but his minion. His lieutenant. Beside him was another figure, a slightly taller creature of similar build and dress, with orange skin. A Hobgoblin.

“I don’t get it. Why’s this important again?” The Hobgoblin was asking, his features contorted into an incredulous expression. The goblin shrugged.

“He says he feels sick. Yes, I know that it’s not physically possible for him to be sick, but it’s not worth a fight. Let’s just sort out the wards, and get back to work. We don’t want another repeat of the elf.” The two of them grabbed their medallions and began chanting in deep, sonorous voices, making eldritch patterns in the air. It was mostly for show, anyone who knew anything about magic knew that, but it was important. If they didn’t do this, they might as well be sorcerers.

Several more hobgoblins trailed in after them, all dressed like the one who had spoken, and joined the chant, their voices forming a curious melody.
Julia was livid. She had waited there all day, since the early morning hours to do what she had been planning to do, and now lich wasn’t even going to show up. It almost made her mad enough to try and do this the easy way, not bother with skill checks and just blast everyone and kick down doors. Almost.

It was all for naught and she would have to wait until extremely late at night to get out of the castle safely, then spend another sleepless night camped out in the ruined city trying not to be seen by patrols. As it was now, she'd never get her opportunity for revenge, and more importantly to stop having to worry about this, and now she'd have to come up with a completely different plan.

'Damn it!' she thought as they moved to the right a bit and began chanting again. She’d have to wait for these two losers as well. They went on for what seemed like hours until at last there was a flash and everyone started filing out of the room. The last to go was the goblin, as he was still chaning, his eyes screwed closed.At last he finished,and turned without looking, leaving the room slowly and stopped in the doorway.

"Oh, sir… What are you doing here? I thought you were sick…You should be resting." the goblin said, and Julia’s ears perked up at once upon hearing this, sliding the wand back out of her skirts pocket.

"Felt…a bit…better" the lich intoned weakly, staggering forward and casting his shadow into the room. "Redcloak… would you…go and get my…cane…for me? I'm…afraid my…strength…is…failing me again." Xykon continued, his shadow crouching slightly.

The goblin raised one eyebrow, but then shrugged and walked through the door, and Julia could hear him hurrying away. Just as she had hoped, the lich came into the room, though slowly. He was slouched over, and he looked almost pathetic, his back bowed, his bones thin and delicate, his clothes ragged. He was nothing at all like her father or brother had described him, nothing at all like how he usually looked.

A faint wave of pity welled in her, but she quashed it angrily. No matter if the skeleton was sickly or not, she was going to do this. She jumped down when Xykon was facing the other way and pointed the wand at his back.

There was a flash of darkness and the wand dropped out of his nerveless fingers.

"Not smart to use up all your move like that. Especially when I win the iniative.” The Lich observed dryly, turning to look at her.

"Just to let you know, little girl, I didn’t kill you on purpose. If I wanted, I would have Meteor Swarmed’ you until you stopped twitching, or even until you were nothing more then a thin, greasy smoke stinking up this city. I can still make it happened.” Lord Xkyon said, turning and looking as healthy and intimidating as ever.

“So why don’t we cut the bullcrap. You’re a heroic type with a problem. But instead of talking to your therapist, you try and start something here. You got a problem? Well cry me a river, so do we all. But still, I can't believe you were stupid enough to try and take me on, let alone out on your own. Who do you think you are?"

"I am…I am going to kill you!" She said, firing a magic missile. It hit him in the chest, ineffectively.

Xykon didn’t even bother with magic. He just walked over, grabbed her, then twisted her arm around, effectively immobilizing the girl as he held her arm behind her back.

"Ahhhhh!" She screamed as the skeleton twisted her arm further back. Try as she might, she couldn't struggle out of the lich’s iron grip. She bared her teeth, she hated feeling helpless, but he didn’t care.

“You know, I think you picked the wrong path in life. You’re much to pretty for this sort of thing, and it ruins your face in no time. Why don’t we start things up again. Who are you, and what’s your problem.” Xykon said tauntingly, before slapping her resoundingly on the rump with a hand like a bagful of dice. "Not that I care of course, but it would be a shame for you to die totally unfuthilled. I don't have morals, or really scrupales either, hell, I don't even have standards, but I can apperciate you feel you have have a job to do, and half the pleasure's anticipation."

If looks could kill, Xykon would have had his heart cut out again. Unfortunately, they couldn’t, and he only chuckled darkly, before walking back the way he’d come, forcing her ahead of him.

“Hey nerds! Look what I caught! Damn, if I knew they made them this pretty, I’d let more heroes through. She's a bit stupid, though.” Xykon yelled at the hobgoblins ahead. The red-cloaked goblin turned to look at her, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

She bared her teeth again, but he didn’t seem to care. "You know, you're so pretty I might just have to keep you as a pet. What's your name?" Xykon asked, his skulls ever-present grin directing itself at her. He didn’t have much choice in his facial expression, but maybe he meant it for a change.

“I’m Julia Greenhilt, and you killed my father’s master. And my brother!” She yelled.

“Oh please, do you have any idea…” Xykon started to say, but his lieutenant interrupted him.

“Wasn’t the guy with the big sword a Greenhilt?”

“Could have been…” Xykon said, then his eye-sockets endeavored to narrow evilly. “So you’re the sibling of one of my enemies, huh? Well isn’t that interesting. You know, I think I might just feel some highclass evil coming on…”

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