Miko ran her hand through her dark hair, closing her eyes. She was lost, and there was no one to guide her. She had found the order as Lord Shojo had ordered, but her life had begun to get complicated. To her, there had always been good and evil. Something was right, or it wasn't. Compromise was not something that had a place in her life, and until meeting the order she had been secure in this. Now she wasn't so sure.
She thought Roy was a good man, or at least he tried to be, and yet he willfully fraternized with the unsaved. The wizard was prideful, arrogant and condescending, and if not for the urgency of her mission Miko would have enjoyed watching the effects of her hubris. The rogue was a self-confessed criminal, greedy and self-centred to a fault, who the twelve gods had no doubt a special fate in store for. And then there was the halfling, a narcistic psychopath whose existence made Miko question what she had always considered beyond doubt, that there was good in the universe.
And yet, despite this, they seemed to achieve more good then the Saphire guard, in helping the helpless, for the most part without expecting recompense.
"What's got ye worried, lass?" Said a voice, deep and rich behind her. And then there was Durkon. Of them all, the dwarfs inherent goodness shined like a light. In a way she envied him, for the ease in which he found living to his values and morals, and the easy faith he held in his god. She herself found faith with little trouble, but she agonised for hours over her purpose, while he had no such troubles.
"Nothing." She said, a little to quickly, brushing a stray hair from her forehead.
"I dinnae believe that, lass. Ye've been silent now, fer close to an hour."
Miko looked down at his calm, honest earnest expression, totally without guile, his dark eyes twinkling behind his thick beard.
Miko opened her mouth, then closed it. She suddenly felt a bit flushed, and didn't know what to say. Sensing her worry with surprising insight, Durkon wrapped a brawny arm around her shoulders.
Surprising herself, Miko accomodated the dwarf, making room for him to sit next to her. "I'm… lost." She said, unused to admitting weakness. She had been raised to be hard, both in the monestry and the Sapphire Guard, and it had been a surprise to find she was considered quite feminine when taken outside this context.
Durkon inclined his head. "Well lass, don't let that bother ye. Tha' god's have a plan fer each o' us, but dinnae expect tae fall into it. Just live yer life as best ye can, and sooner or later ye'll find yer way." He soothed, his hand unconsciously stroking her hair. She nestled against him, and slowly began to relax. At last he removed his arm and slipped away.
"Don't go." She murmered, a slight plea in her tone. "Please. I don't want to be alone."
He turned, and for a second she looked very small, a little girl in a women's body.
"I trust you Durkon. Please. Stay a while."

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