Julia did her best to remain inconspicuos as the patrol passed. Weren't goblins like, supposed to be really incompetant or something? Or was that Trolls? She could never remember. Maybe it would have been a good idea to have done some research before trying this, but the problem with that was that it was so boring.
The yellow-skinned goblinoids walked past, seemingly none the wiser, so she continued on, wishing she had some better spells. Using her 'assets' to best effect, she had mannaged to obtain some high level scrolls, but scrolls weren't a lot of use if you weren't alive to read them.
Coming to the strange, vaguely organic looking tower, she pulled out a rope and cast rope trick, using it to climb in through one of the windows. Ahead she could see the lich and a few minions. Now, for a magic missile…

"See, I told you these traps weren't a waste of time."
"Meh, she looks pretty lightweight. Nameless over there could probably take her out."
"My name is Jirix."
"Do I look like someone who gives a damn?"
"Well, should we kill her?" Redcloak interupted.
"What's the point? She won't give any Xp, and doesn't seem like a threat to my rep. Lock her up, she might be useful later."
"Wouldn't it be better to…"
"Look, Could you stop interupting my Teevo marathon please? There's some great footage here."
Redcloak sighed. "Fine."

Julia woke up with a terrible headache. It had been a long time since she'd been knocked to negative HP. Being the most popular girl in a wizard university had perks, one of which being you didn't actually have to put yourself in danger for XP. Physical pain was not something she cared to feel.
Turning, she realised she was being stared at by a wild looking man, his heavy build a mass of knotted muscle, grizzled flesh and deep looking scars. His brawny arms hung limply by his side, but his eyes were alert and alive, filled with a deep, quiet wisdom and burning defience. They were also, she couldn't help but notice, fixed on her face instead of her chest.
A blush suffused her features. She'd always had a thing for older brawny, hairy guys.
"I haven't had a cell mate in a while." He said, his soft, deep voice at odds with his appearence. It was the gentle tone of a priest, not the roar of a warrior, but it seemed somehow dangerous. A shiver whnt up her spine.
"Well, like, I had to kill the lich, but someone got the jump on me and I ended up here."
The man nodded slowly, but made no further movement. Feeling the need to fill the silence, she went on. "Like, the lich killed my fathers master, so he went and sweared revenge, though I don't really see why, and when he died my brother had to do it. Naturally he screwed it up bad, and so it passed to me."
At this the man looked up. "Was your brother Greenhilt?" Julia nodded. "Ah, well then I regret to tell you he died in the fighting for the city. The lich killed him."
"Yet another reason to kick his bony butt."
Two hobgoblins arrived, opening the cage door carefully. Julia moved to do something, until she noticed the goblin cleric standing behind them.
"Wait, what's happening?"
THe paladin turned to look at her. "Oh, they are about to attempt to break my spirit with torture."

Two hours later, O-Chul was thrown back in the cage. His torso was riddled with burns and stab wounds, and he seemed slightly woozy from loss of blood. Julia was gaping. "That was increadible…" she breathed.
One of the Hobgoblins shook his head. "That was nothing. You should see him on a Thursday."

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