Nale/The Shadow Dancer/Soulsplice

Kaboom Redaxe adjusted his kilt, and sorted out the tangles in his beard. "I'll be going to get me some booty. The king should be here soon."
The shadowdancer waved his hand airily. "I know, I know." He watched his partner leave, something like jealousy in his eyes. He envied Redaxe and his promiscuous ways, the way he was always so easy around girls. He was always shy, and when he forced part that he managed to be a friend, or, at best, like a brother. Well, he was tired of it. He may be living with the most unoptimized build imaginable, but that didn't mean he had to be mediocre in everything. He resolved to ask out the next girl he met, and then, well he'd see.
There was a knock on the door, opening it he beheld a vision of loveliness. A petite, demure women, classically beautiful and garbed in a tight fitting maid costume that showed of her curves to best effect. Her long blond hair framed he heart-shaped face like the halo of a saint, and the dress clung to her long legs, the generous portion barely constraining the swell of her breast, opening his mouth he gave out a small yelp and slammed the door closed. Looked like he would be alone after all. It was for the best, he decided. No matter how pretty she looked, girls do not have facial hair.
Kill them all, whispered Hatera in Nalette's ear. Make them suffer, concurred Jephton enthusiastically. Only Ganaron was silent. He had been in simmilar position most of his life, before he built is multi-dimensional empire. Beside, the kid looked kind of hot.

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