O-Chul/Chief Grukgruk

Well, it's better then being stuck in the cage. O-Chul thought, as he walked along the edge of the ocean. The freedom felt fine, but the gnawing pain in his belly did not. Freedom was all well and good, but too much of it could be quite fatal. "Trust in the gods, but hobble your horse," as the old saying went. If only a few of his colleagues had learned that.
There were a few coconut trees around, but O-Chul had ignored them. While plenty of people had no doubt sustained themselves on what they had been able to scavenge in similar situation, just as many probably had died of food poisoning.
At the cusp of his hearing, he heard a low, insistent humming. Idly curious, he followed it until he found it's source.
A vision of barbarianism met his eyes. The figure was as big as him, and O-Chul was a large man. His face was a testament to a life lived, if not well, at least thoroughly, and he wore a wolf's skull headdress. He was an orc, though that meant little to O-Chul. Twenty years as a paladin had taught him not to judge by appearances.
The Orc sensed him as he approached, but didn't make any effort to ward him off, if anything he seemed to try and make himself seem friendly. Eyes like chips of ruby tried to look warm and friendly, and a face scarred from years of hard living creased into a smile, or at least a lopsided gash.
OChul sat beside him. Some company was better then remaining alone.
"hello. me chief grukgruk." The big orc said, inclining his head.
"I am O-Chul." The paladin returned friendlily.
"me think you not from round here." The orc said.
"What gave me away?"
"me would have noticed someone so sexy." The Orc replied, his brawny arm settling on the paladin's shoulders.
O-Chul melted into the orcs embrace for a second, but then stopped. A shudder wracked his torso. "There's something you should no about me…"
"that ok, grukgruk like hairy guys."

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