The OOTS in Girard's Gate (Part 9)

The cottage was dark, no light was on, and the two children lay curled in their beds. Octavius was fast asleep, letting out the occasional snore, limbs tangled amongst the bedclothes in such a way that the young elf would find extricating from the bed and all but impossible task.

Terentius lay to one side, eyes open although there was nothing to see, and the room was familiar anyway. While the young elf would never admit it to parent or Octavius, worry was gnawing at the edges of the young elf’s mind.
Things were not well. The child may be too young to understand the causes, but the results were as plain as day.

Parent went to bed crying again.

Terentius knew that sometimes people got sad. But in the young elf’s mind, there was no experience available to draw on to explain parent’s actions.
The elf suspected, privately, that these events had something to do with other parents return,but was afraid to give voice to these suspicions.

But Terentius didn’t care about any of this. The elf hated the changes, and wished they’d go away, that things would go back to being the way they were. The suspicion that they wouldn’t, that the world had moved on and those days were over, was not something worth pondering.

The darkness seemed to darken even more, and become heavy, stifling, almost suffocating. The transition was so fast it was difficult to pinpoint exactly when it had happened, but suddenly the elf knew something was happening.

Something wicked this way came.

Witha silent gasp, a gulping of breath, Terentius rolled over and got up, not even noticing the jar as he banged his knee on the bedpost.

The door, which he remembered closing, was open, and silhouetted was a figure, a shadow amongst shadows, staring directly at him.

He bit back a gasp, backing away, and then he began to make out details. It was other parent.

But there was something… not right. Other parent had never looked at the young elf, like that, and something about the shape, a feeling more then an observation, seemed… not right.

“Terentius? It’s me.” Other parent said, spreading thin arms and taking a step forward. “Come here.”

There was something off about the tone, other parent had been stern and distant, but had never spoken to Terentius like this, in a commanding tone. Slowly, Terentius steeped back, head shaking in defiance.

“You made parent cry.” The young elf accused.

“Terentius.” Other parent snapped. “Come here.”

Part of the young elf wanted to move in close, dismiss the worries and embrace Vaarsuvius. But the elf had made up its mind, and wasn’t ready to dismiss the feeling. Terentius backed away, then turned and scampered back to the bed te young elf had so recently vacated.

As Terentius pulled the covers all the way up to the chin, there was a breaking sound, and other parent changed.Vaarsuvius’s features were warped and distorted, as though viewed through a cracked mirror. Hideous pulsating veins twisted in odd shapes, and other parent’s eyes were like chunks of onyx. “Terentius!” Other parent hissed. “Get over here.”

The young elf whimpered.

The figure of other parent leaned close, until the tormented visage was mere inches from Terentius, and the black eyes flashed.

And for a single instant, a rush of unexpected longing hit Terentius, along with a desire so concrete the young elf’s body rocked. The desire was not something Terentius was ready for, something following changes yet to come, when passion came to the fore, and love became more then just platonic.

But now it struck the young elf with a wanton heat, a hunger so intensely sexual Terentius ‘s body had no way of understanding the desires. Terentius felt while the young elf’s body shuddered and skin prickled with goosebumps. Sweat poured of the Terentius’s brown skin, soaking the sheets until they stuck to the elf‘s delicate flesh.

Terentius bucked and shivered, and in that terrible instant beheld another, insane spark in Other parent’s eyes, an insane being beyond the elf’s ability to comprehend that cackled and laughed.

Terentius could endure it no more. The elf’s bowel’s contracted, and the arousal vanished as Terentius’s bladder emptied, and the elf’s stomach spasmed as if a knot was pulled tight..

And in that instant, of adult longing’s in a young body and beautiful passions twisted into black lust, Terentius screamed.

Beyond anything the elf would have imagined to possess the ability, Terentius screamed, a sound to pierce the soul. He screamed so loud other parent stepped back in shock, and it seemed parent was answering before it had so much as left the young elf’s lips. Octavius awoke with a start, and knew horror along with its sibling.

“Terentius? What seems to be the…” The elf gulped and stepped back in shock as Vaarsuvius turned to look at Vaarsuvius’s former spouse.

“You’ve turned them against me.” Vaarsuvius declared, black eyes narrowed.
But Inkyrius was not going to back down. Not this time. “Get out.” The baker said, in a tone that was to be obeyed.

When Vaarsuvius made no move, Inkyrius screamed “Get out! You’ve done enough, thank you. I never want to see you again, and the children feel the same way. Go live your life, and find whatever it is that you care about, just get out and leave us in peace!” Inkyrius was practically spitting. “It’s going to be hard enough picking up the pieces as it is!”

“Is that the way you feel?” Vaarsuvius said, very quietly, that seemed even quieter in light of the elf’s former spouse’s emotional outburst. For a moment, Vaarsuvius sounded vulnerable and unsure, so delicate a breeze could blow the daemonhost away. But Inkyrus didn’t relent.

“Yes.” Inkyrius declared, in a voice that brooked no opposition.

Vaarsuvius head lowered for a moment, then slowly looked up. For a brie moment, the elf was broken. Then, it smiled a terrible smile. “Well.” The wizard said, eyes flashing briefly, “I suppose I’ll have to fix that.”

Inkyrius tried to resist, but the very attempt was ludicrous. Angry as the baker was, the baker’s will was not merely brushed aside, but swept away as though it had never been.

Vaarsuvius turned his gaze on his two progeny, forcing apart their minds as well. “You too. One way or another, we’re going to be a family again.”

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