"So What are you here for?" Asked the bearded man, his bare chest covered with ropey scars and burns, and other, fresher wounds. His beard was filthy and matted with dirt and clots of his own blood, but his dark eyes still burned with a defiance that could never be extinguished.
"thog got lost, nale gone, talky skelington find thog, he say me look like minion mat-eri-al." Thog replied, his brow creased with the intellectual effort of dredging up memories. "he say there ice cream. And puppies." The barbarian continued, a happy smile revealing the childlike simplicity behind the brutish exterior.
O-Chul let out a short, barking laugh. "There is nothing here but gruel and darkness, my friend. But your welcome to it."
The big half-orc squatted down next to him. "me not hungry now. thog miss leprechaun costume."
O'Chul blinked, then shrugged. Why not?
"me like you. you not talky. you listen to thog." The barbarian said, coming in and hugging the paladin. For a second O-Chul flinched, expecting he was about to be attacked, but then shrugged and hugged the barbarian awkwardly.
"Even Nale not make Thog feel this way." Said Thog, sliding his hands towards the paladins perfect butt.

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