Our fight was over, I had her at my mercy. Or so I thought.

When she touched me for the first time, her silken skin gently caressing mine, I saw her for what she truly was, beneath the glamour, the lies and falsehoods that cloaked her and twisted her shape.

Her face was just as painfully beautiful as it had been when I first gazed upon her, perfect beyond perfect in all respects, in ways that no human could be. It was not one person's face, but the infinite sum of the feminine ideal given physical form.

The small, delicate ivory horns upon her brow, and the gloriously spread ebon wings only added to her beauty, giving her gorgeous dusky skin an exotic, unrelated quality. I felt myself grow uncomfortably hot, my skin seeming too tight, to small as she wove me in an enchantment beyond mere magic.

The naughty schoolgirl outfit that had seemed ludicrous now stirred me, and I gazed in wonder as it gently traced her generous curves, placed strategically to encourage rather then detract attention. But even they couldn't draw my gaze from her perfect face, and smile that could be innocent, stirring and wicked in a heartbeat, between the soft dark curls I wanted to lose myself in.

With that first touch of her clawed hand to my armored chest, right above my heart, the world stopped, time stopped moving and the multiverse itself faded away, leaving nothing but her.

I was in love. No, I was in rapture.

How could I have believed her to be my enemy? What twisted force made me see her as deadly? Who was I to call her a monster? I fell prostrate, the sword slipping from my fingers, humble and contrite as Durkon was before his god, begging her forgiveness.

I cast aside the stupid notions of propriety, of honesty, honor, of everything that I had told myself was important. They were self-induced shackles, chains that kept me away from her. They weren't worth the price. Not when they would cost me her.

In her gaze I felt her open my soul to the possibilities of a true love, of passion beyond what I had experienced in my hollow, empty life. And that was nothing to what I felt when she, this woman beyond all women, threw me upon the ground and straddled my hips between her long, firm legs before tearing my breast-plate and clothes off.

Nothing mattered. Only that we were alone, and I had to keep touching her…

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