Therkla woke up, totally nude. Most people would be embarrassed or self-conscious, but Therkla paid it no mind. After all, she was in excellent shape, and had won Ms Ironclaw Tribe pageant three times before her parents had come to azure city. What did she have to worry about?
Beside her was another girl, slightly slimmer but yet to fill out as far. Her face was long and narrow, and her hair had been cut so it only brushed the tips of her ears. Therkla found herself staring at the woman's full lips, wondering what they tasted like, but shook her head. That ship had sailed.
Walking over through the otherwise featureless room, she came at last to a wardrobe, where she searched for something that she could wear comfortably. Unfortunately, whoever owned this room seemed to have taken fashion advice from Mistress of pain, and all there was were tight leather bustiers made for someone two sizes too small. Squishing her boobs painfully she forced herself into the corset, then looked around for something else. At last she found a miniskirt, which she figured was better then nothing, and slid it on. Then she turned back to her bed partner, paying close attention to her long, lean form. A slow smile began to slide over her face. Taking a riding crop from the top shelf, as well as a few other choice "Toys" (She had exotic 'weapon' proficiency "Far East," and plenty of ranks in 'Use device') She walked over to the girl. Standing over to her, she slapped the crop on her thigh. "Wake up." She said with a sultry smirk. "I've got something for you.
(Eventually they decide to team up and take out Haley so Therkla can get Elan.)

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