"Hey Redcloak… We really had a shot at the prize there, didn't we?" Xykon mumbled, the dark energies that sustained him leaking out through the cracks in his body.
"Yeah." Redcloak mumbled, his eyes closing. "Yeah we did."
"Smite evil." The spectre said coolly, running the blade through Redcloak's unholy symbol and into his chest. Tuning back to the lich, he raised his blade, and then stopped, instead bringing his spectral boot down on the skull with enough force to shatter it, leaving glistening chunks of bone all over the floor.
The Oathspirit took a second to compose himself, then turned and glided from the throne room. His city was still in danger. It wasn't over yet.
A slight girl in close fitting dark clothing ran into the room. She let out a gasp as she saw the remains of her new boss, her hands flying over her mouth. Soon turned to regard her, his face so hard it could have been chiselled from granite.
Gliding in front of her he stopped, then raised the blade.
"You have sided against creation." He said, his voice cold but not unkind. "I swore an oath I would protect this place for all time, no matter the cost to myself or the world. Sometimes it is hard to pay, but I must go on paying it. For the sake of my honour, and of the world."
forced her eyes away from the remains of the lich. She had barely known him, and yet she had felt a connection with him she had lacked most of her life. Because of who she was, because of who she chose to be, she had never been accepted, always treated with disdain or outright contempt. And she had lived with it, until the lich had come along and she had seen another way. And, as usual it had gone up in smoke, just like the rest of her life.
She felt like sobbing. Instead she drew herself up, with commendable poise, and stared Soon in his spectral eyes. Her gaze was questioning, and somehow vulnerable, but hard and brave. Soon found a measure of sympathy swell in his long dead heart.
“Why?” Soon asked, suddenly feeling it would be unbearable not to know.
Tsukiko shrugged. “I was being who I am. For the first time in my life, I was being who I am.”
“And you would act in such a way, even if it meant the demise of all creation?”
For a second the girl gaped, but then she shrugged again. But Soon had spotted it. She was an unwitting dupe, not an accomplice. Perhaps he was being too harsh on the girl.
"What do you want from me?" The girl asked, her eyes widening slightly.
The spirit cocked his head. "Tell me everything." He said, slightly lost in her eyes. They didn't match, just like Mijung's hadn't, her slim form was just as familiar. And her hair was life fine black silk. She reminded him of his dead wife. She even acted like Mijung had, with her uncompromising attitude and shameless individuality.
"And then," Soon continued, smiling for the first tims since Mijung had been unmade "We'll see."

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