Tanh strode through the caverns beneath the city, pausing occasionly to give a comforting word or some encouragement, occasionly repriminding slackers. His mere pressence was an inspiration, he had been a truly great resistence leader.
He heard what they said about him, that he was fearless, that he didn't feel pain, that not even the lich could defeat him in battle. If only they knew.
He had swapped his old armor for some dark and edgy resistence uniform, and stopped trimming his moustache, giving him a rugged quality that he had previously lacked.
Coming into the central cavern, he stared around for a second, then walked over to the clerics who had been assigned to checking through the loot.
"What have you got for me?"
"This." Said the eldest of them, handing him a black box."We don't know waht it is for, but we suspect it might be an artifact.
Tanh looked at it for a second, a frown marring his features. "What does it do?"
Instead of responding, the cleric reached over and pressed a seemingly indistinguishable part of the box. Instantly it lit up, light's forming an aproximation of a smile. It had a cute, eager to please expression that reminded Tanh of a puppy he'd once had. He slowly smilled.
"If you'll exuse me, I'll be in my personal chambers. I intend to examine this very carefully, until I know every inch… intimately."

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