Banjo slid into the inn room, "Elan, are you there?" Getting no answer he settled down for the long wait, Elan was probably annoying Hinjo again. He could wait. It'd more more fun to surprise him this way.
He walked over to the window and looked out, admiring the view. He heard the door open behind him.

Hayley was becoming impatient. Elan knew that she wanted to speak to him tonight. Well, it was time she surprised him.
She sneaked to his room out of habit and took out her lockpick. "Ooh, natural twenty!" Knowing that Elan was out tormenting Hinjo or Roy she entered his room. And there he was. "Sneak Attack!" She lauched herself on him and gave him an enormous hug. "I thought you were out."

Banjo was grabbed in a hug from behind and he started. "Who?"
"Your font's a nice colour. Why'd you change it?" As he turned around the unknown woman suddenly kissed him on the lips. His eyes opened wide in surprise, but getting over his shock he found himself enjoying this kiss with an unknown woman.
Then she pulled back. "You're not Elan! I'm so sorry. But what were you doing in his room?"
"I'm Banjo. I'm er. A god. His god. Yes, that Banjo." Her face showed her shock and surprise at having kissed a god. "You're Banjo! But you're not a puppet. I'm Elan's girlfriend, Hayley. Does this mean we've had an affair?"
"Well, the Eastern gods wouldn't say so but, Elan is your boyfriend and my only worshipper. It's a bit sticky."
A thought popped into Hayley's head that had her grinning in a strange fashion. "Well, we could share him you know."
Banjo was startled, but he could see a certain … advantage to her proposal, "Good idea." They grinned devilishly.

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