Elan walked dejectedly from the latest Temple to the Southern Gods muttering under his breath. "Stupid exclusive animal pantheon. Who says Banjo the puppet god can't be in the godhood just because there's only twelve months in a year. This is so stupid." Elan looked up and realised that his wayward feet had taken him to another inn and had sat him down at a table.
On the stage by the bar a blond haired man was strumming at a stringed instrument and singing softly. Elan was caught up in the strange melody and tapped his fingers along to the beat, smiling. After te man's performance was over Elan walked over to the singer's table, "You're amazing! And what kind of instrument is that, it's so melodic and those chord changes were beautiful."
"It's a banjo Elan. I'm surprised you didn't know that."
"But why would I know that?"
"Elan, as spoony as you are, hasn't it occured to you that persistent belief in your god and your hard work on his behalf could be rewarded?"
"So you're saying that Banjo has … "
"He's sent me a banjo!"
The young speaker slammed his forhead into the table. "Elan. I play the banjo. And I'm blond. You're god is blond. He plays the banjo. He is called Banjo. I am called Banjo. Get the picture?"
"You're Banjo?! I'd thought you'd be more … puppety."
"Not all avatars are realistic. Come on, I'll treat you to a meal to say thanks." In awe of his literal god Elan could abrely touch his meal and instead spent the whole time staring in adoration at Banjo. Secretly he thought to himself that it was a good idea that Banjo had chosen to appear as a human; he could have more fun that way. He could eat, drink, talk, dance and all sorts of great things.
As Banjo admitted to Elan that he had to return to his spiritual home Elan wished him farewell and was sad after he'd gone.
Perhaps one good have a more personal relationship with a god than he'd thought.

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