Sabine was moonlighting doing some cross-dimensional work to raise a bit of extra cash for a special occasion when a young rogue tried to pick her pocket. To Hayley's surprise she caught her. Not in the act, but before the act.
This surprised and interested her so much that she promptly offered to buy him a meal. "Well, you can buy me a meal. After all, why would I pickpocket if I had money?"
"You have a point there." So they dined (cheaply) on some local food and discovered each other.
This was their first date of money. After about ten or so not-dates Haley and plundered enough courage to tell the demon how she felt about her. "I - I love you!" Sabine was hit by the sudden realisation that she loved her back, but she knew that if she stayed near her she would only die. And soon too.
Ignoring how she really felt she spurned her and broke her heart. And her own. Even in her home dimension she couldn't shake her feelings for the young Rogue she'd met by moonlight.
How she wished she didn't bring pain to those around her. How she missed her.

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