ABD/Guy with the Halberd

The Ancient Black Dragon, Darglasi, flew to the outskirts of Azure City. Once there she shifted to the form of a human female with dark skin and dark hair with purple highlights. She gritted her teeth and walked into the city with a purposeful step. A city like this, swarming with paladins and so…Lawful Good, was anathemic to her. Normally she would get no greater pleasure than to level the city, if not just to get rid of the paladins, than for the sake of all Black Dragonkind.

Not today though. Today she was on a mission. She walked into a bar which she had seen earlier in her scrying spell. She wanted answers.

She saw a man ordering a drink on the far end of the bar. Dark brown hair, blue armor, that halberd leaning against the barstool…There could be no doubt. It was him. She snarled and sat down next to him. "YOU!" she shouted.

The guy started, spilling some of his drink. He looked right at Darglasi. "What do you want?"

Darglasi growled slightly. "I want answers, Howie. Remember, twelve years ago? The swamp, right past that overpriced village? The black dragon?"

Howie's eyes widened and he gulped. "Look, you're a dragon, and I'm a hero, it's my job to—"

"YOU CUT MY FRIGGING TAIL OFF!!! You idiot, you're supposed to finish the job, not just leave me bleeding and missing a limb and forced to WALK to the nearest cleric of Tiamat who can actually cast Regenerate, and let me tell you something buddy, THERE AREN'T MANY!!!" Darglasi was screaming in Howie's face at the end of her rant. Thankfully the bar was empty, otherwise things would have gotten ugly fast.

"L-Listen, you ended up killing all my buddies; I had to grab their bodies (Or at least parts of their bodies) and get out of there!"

"But what about the "No fear" thing!?"

"HELLO! Not a paladin!"

"…Oh. Well, see, I thought…"

"No, no, it's okay. People make that mistake all the time."

Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was something about Howie, but Darglasi didn't feel much like disemboweling him anymore. She was still ticked about the tail thing though. "Look, I came here for answers. Specifically, why did you take my tail with you? You said you were running for your life—"

"I was—"

"—But then why take my tail!? You couldn't exactly eat it, and there's nowhere near enough leather on that to make anything more than a pair of gloves at most! Which I see you do not have!"

"Well, uh, actually…" Howie looked back and forth nervously. After confirming that nobody else was there, Howie dropped his trousers to reveal dragonskin underpants. "…Yeah."

"…" Darglasi was actually struck dumb.

Maybe it was the beer. More likely it was Howie's sheer audacity. But Darglasi had a healthy respect for the Halberd-wielding human on the other side of the alignment spectrum. Maybe she even…Liked him. She shuddered at the thought. But in any case, she left Azure City without killing, or even attacking, anyone. That had never happened before in her long life.

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