"Is anyone watching?"


The guy fired that arrow coated in the best poison Belkar had ever seen. Too bad it would be wasted. In one swift movement, Belkar jumped off the ramparts, dragging the guy down with him. "Now leaving Azure City limits!" With a swift cut, he decapitated the hapless would-be assassin. "That is for forcing me to commit a quasi-Good act!" the halfling cried.

For the few moments that Belkar fell, the more devious and sinister parts of his mind (Which is really saying something) demanded an explanation as to why he had saved Hinjo's life. Well, that was easy! Hinjo promised to remove his stupid Mark of Justice after the battle. The only time that Lawful would work in his favor, of course he was going to milk it for all he could!

But Belkar, isn't there another reason? Truth was, there was another reason that was rapidly growing clearer, horrified as he was to think about it. Hinjo had that goatee; Belkar had always wanted to grow one. He was the nephew of Shojo, pretty much the coolest Good-aligned ruler in the history of ever. Hinjo was smart and not a bitch like Miko. Hinjo had a wolf. A freaking wolf. Not to mention that he looked really good in blue and combined that with a very nice backside…

Belkar made a little gurgling, whimpering noise that was cut off when he hit the ground. In less than ten seconds, he was surrounded by dozens, maybe hundred of hobgoblins.

"Halt! You're surrounded!"

The sinister, perverted part of his mind shut up, now that it was faced with Stabby time. His favorite time!

"Wow. This is a new experience for me…I'VE NEVER HAD KARMA WORK IN MY FAVOR BEFORE!

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