The students filed into the wide auditorium and sat, their individual conversations quickly filling up the room. Eventually, the students quieted down, though most of them continued to text on their cellphones.

"Cellphones off, students," Principal Shojo commanded. The students looked surprised, then complied to his…Well, his demand.

Of course, Miko and the rest of her friends didn't even have their cellphones on. They sat in the middle, listening intently to Shojo and the guest speaker. Hinjo was on Miko's left and Kyrie was on her right. Miko and Kyrie were holding hands, Hinjo noticed, slightly pleased. She seemed to have loosened up, if only a bit, and Kyrie was clearly good for her.

"Students, this is important! Recently there has been a spate of reports of people sending each other pictures of themselves naked! This—"

"Hey, Mr. Blind-As-A-Bat, didja just wake up or something?" a voiceProbably Tsukiko'sShouted from the back of the auditorium. The crown started giggling.

The spokesman glared at the offender and started again. "This is very dangerous and can be illegal! Depending on your age, you may be committing a crime! In this one moment of impulsivity or peer pressure, you are making a mistake that could negatively impact your entire life! Think before you text; these pictures can't be taken back!"

Miko nodded in silent assent. This school was nuts! The line clearly had to be drawn somewhere, and this was as good a place as any to start. Of course, she would never stoop so low as to do these things…Kyrie? What pictures? What pictures of a naked Kyrie posing next to his homemade banana nut bread and muffins that was stored on her cellphone…And laptop…And camera? Nu-uh, she just hadn't gotten around to deleting them yet, that's all!

A few seats away, Daigo and Kazumi looked at each other in horror, simultaneously mouthed, "Illegal?" then pulled out their cellphones and began tapping at them furiously.

Kyrie's cellphone then buzzed to life. He flipped it open and checked the text. Immediately his eyes bugged out and he had to stifle a snicker. Soon the same action was repeated across the auditorium.

"Kyrie? What is it?" Miko asked. Wordlessly Kyrie handed her his cellphone.

Miko took one look and nearly choked in horror. The video was a tape of Belkar and Sabine, doing…What they were most notorious for doing. And…Sabine…The furry rope, and black rubbery…things that jangled and bounced…

"What is the meaning of this?!" Miko whispered, horrified, into Kyrie's ear.

"Ssh, just wait until Nale sees this," Kyrie snickered. "Three…Two…One…Now."

"BELKAR YOU BASTARD!!!" Nale roared. Funnily enough, despite their reputation for extreme debauchery, Nale was fairly monogamous. Sabine on the other hand…

"Who turned their cellphone on? Sabine, come down here," the spokesman demanded. Sabine practically waltzed down the aisle, grinning from ear to ear as she handed the spokesman her cellphone. "Let's have everyone see what was so important," the spokesman muttered as he hooked up Sabine's cellphone to the projector. Sabine's grin widened as the crowd fell to a dead silence. They knew what was coming next and there was no way they would miss it.

Right on cue, the video, complete with equally explicit sound, was thrown up onto the screen for everyone to see. People spluttered, gagged, laughed, screamed, and Belkar shouted, "WHOO-HOO!!! Aww, yeah!"

"But…I—I…What is the meaning of this?!" the spokesman, now beet-red, managed to splutter after several moments of silence.

Sabine smirked and said, "Belkar can do a double backflip and comes up to my waist. It wasn't exactly a hard decision to make."

The spokesman stared wordlessly at the audience, now laughing and cheering in approval, as his hands dropped to his side. "…This place is out of its mind," he muttered to himself as he walked out of the auditorium with as much of his remaining dignity (Not much) as he could muster.

Meanwhile, Belkar and Sabine had vanished in the din of the crowd, presumably to reenact their taped performance behind one of the stage curtains.

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