"What do you mean, 'I can't give you full rations?!'" Sclera screamed.

"I'm sorry, Little One," Tsukiko said, "But I'm running low on supplies and we need to last the entire journey."

"Then give me a prostitute or something! I NEED MORTAL FLESH!"

"I asked Redcloak, and he said it would cause too much of a commotion! We'll have to make do with what we have."

"…" Sclera groaned to himself and walked away.

Sclera sat on a mesa in the desert, staring at the setting sun. He frowned to himself as he leafed through a tattered ornithology handbook. Odd…Did he read this when he was alive? Did he remember any of it? Guh, this was confusing and made his head hurt…

Sclera was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice Boots walking over to him. "…Oh. Hey, Boots," he said. Boots was always quite nice to him; he was the one who showed him around and even helped him get through the first few days of bloodlust. "How's it going? …What are you eating?"

Boots looked up from the pack of potato chips he was munching. "…Yeah. Funny, isn't it? Sometimes I get this craving for chips, and not even with blood or anything! Just chips. Wonder if Alive-Me used to like them or something. Eh." Boots finished with a nonchalant shrug. He then fished around in his pocket for something, then handed a slimy, squishy-looking object to Sclera. "I…I got this for you," he said, in an oddly sheepish manner.

Sclera lit up. "Ooh! Gallbladder, my favorite! Thanks Boots!" he said, eagerly devouring the organ. Boots sat down next to Sclera and waited for him to finish.

Sclera peered into the distance and pointed at a black object suspended in the air. "…I think that's a raven. Odd. You don't usually see ravens in the desert."

"Sclera, do you think we should tell Mistress Tsukiko about it?"

"…Maybe. But for now, do you want to enjoy the night air with me?"

If Boots were still able to blush, he would have. "…Okay."

Unknown to Boots and Sclera, Tsukiko was watching the two of them from behind a large boulder. She squealed to herself in delight. "Eeee! They grow up so fast!"

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